Dust in Time

by Floating Kid

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Cribs 03:46
Cribs I do regret some of the things i've done Like pushing you inside the grave that I dug Wasnt meant for you but you fit right in My body is outside Waiting for the reaper We live in a damping place With earth smell We are born as plants So who will be able To say what is right or not And who builds the truth That we should fall for So here we are Around this sound mess And we are Dust in Time You stretch out your hands Waiting for me Through this eyes And I can feel Every bit of Pain But it's not mine
Through Blinds The scandals in these rooms there's no fun It was supposedly cool enough when this began I've seen enough and you don't have any feelings At least you can suggest your dirty secrets Choose to divide the reason on consequences How can this choice bring such shame? There's clarity through blinds This shame on you is biting my mind It's a long division And you are out of reach But I hope this feeling rise With unselfish action A huge silence will never do, will never work Those haunts on corners set your house on fire
Dreams 02:30
Dreams The cops were punished Murdered by surprise Watched you rising in the sun With shuts pulled off Inside your skin Trouble pulsing Like our dreams done here Which are those dreams for long keeping? Just tell me how hard it is The difference between us I killed you in my sleep but In the morning you're still here A blank stare that cuts through me And always leaves me wondering It always leaves
Never touch again Time for you to leave Distance isn't fair If all love is the same We'll fall apart Walking on the edge Cause you go out There's no one that understands Maybe you forgot it was something harder You know me truly To know the other starts the end Maybe we'll never understand Coughing all day Tracking routes to make you numb All love was the same But I can still breath Feel my arms and legs Step on forgotten corners I can't believe this is happening the language of dreaming The future when we're still confused this is the point to be defeated Just avoided or missed Something that can last Something that I can resist Coughing all day Tracking routes to make you numb All love was the same
Ghost 03:55
Ghost Woke up sweating from a dream I cant remember I'm rushing now to find your face Cause I can't wait till November The clicking sound of bones Can tell you something And time is slipping through sidewalks But I keep walking Stepping out to catch the sun Just in time to say goodbye Old friends shake hands Don't turn their face But they sure lie We love the ghost of the old days Savior the bitter taste we create And catch the last bus home When you feel naked it's amazing We hate to see the mess we made Just hold your breath This word is (NOTHING) but a sound He goes through other names And you'll never figure out A scream woke me up Real and free from us Our language is a cobweb of inner sense I saw a cloud dump on you But you were smiling Remaining closed in our sensible world
Weed 03:00
Weed Where will I find you? We both thought about everywhere But I can´t promise to see you again I saw the officer down the stairs We can go out and smoke over there Just hanging out Someway we missed it out In a brand new movie Passing here When I was really quiet I wish you listened to me So you'll be laughing I should've known That you wanted to take me home And make promises that you can't keep This is how it has to be This is how it has always been We found a point of view In a brand new movie Passing here In the rest, it's not enough How can I believe a dream? In the rest, it's not enough Just going outside of me
Dome 02:42
Dome Hear me out I can finally choose the words You made me up for the worst But hear me out It hurts to know Tonight you sleep alone When you walk outside the dome you'll figure out It is good to see you I hope we meet apart this world By a huge disaster on Water carriers In my little dome Excuse me take what you can out of lost and broken dreams Tonight you can't learn on me It's a matter of time It seems to follow as close as you want to forget it How to move against all of us Where it was home That you could always return to it If you doubt your place
Hold Me 04:45
Hold Me Hold me down if I go too far I woke up weightless So tiny against it all And I hope it's not wrong No one will figure out The wind has no trouble carrying me around I know no one it's to blame We all feel sad And then we feel ok And I forget everything But I'll remember that you said: "Every plan is a prayer" Hold me Every devil in my head Inspired by a consciousness of my soul Just inked a deal to host my own despair I know no one it's to blame We all feel sad And then we feel ok And I forget everything But I'll remember that you said Coming from here or anywhere else End this day between us Feel the wind bringing emptiness


This is a great story about a lot of good and bad intentions in the course of our lifes. We are what we think all the time, like sand in the desert we are dust in time.

We are
Bruno, Caio, José Lucas


released October 2, 2017

Recorded at Nicos Studio by Vinicius Braganholo in December 2016, Curitiba - Brazil.
Additional guitars and all the vocals recorded at Lavanderia by Xao between January and February 2017, Curitiba - Brazil.
Produced by Xao and Floating Kid
Mixed and Mastered with a lot of patience by Yago and Adolph at Covil Studio, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Photo by our friend Marquito Sanabria from La Plata - Argentina - See his work at marquitossanabria.tumblr.com

Design by our Friend Rafael Bessa (Bilico) Based in New York - EUA - See his work at www.rafaelbessa.com and www.facebook.com/xvxrafael/ - VEGAN WARRIOR!

Thank you friends <3


all rights reserved



Floating Kid Curitiba, Brazil

Bruno, Caio e José.

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